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There are three major editions of the book published by GK Pal in New Delhi, India. 1st Edition of the book was published in 1987, 2nd Edition of the book was published in 1994, and the 3rd Edition of the book was published in . Practical Physiology is a book written by a popular medical book author, GK PAL. The author has written book on medical physiology in a way that is ideal to be studied. This textbook includes in depth information regarding muscle fiber composition, muscle fiber types, muscular innervation, excitation, contraction, and energy transduction mechanisms. The practical concepts and explanations have been explained in simple language with the help of diagrams.. GK PAL Practical Physiology - Klaesmann EKG Interpretation " 2Nd Edition PDF". The second edition of the book is now also published as an eBook in PDF format. The eBook versions contain only the index and.Q: How do you determine the cause of an error in org.hamcrest.Matcher? I'm using org.hamcrest.Matcher to find an exception in the log. I'd like to find out the exact reason for this exception. I'm getting the error No mapper found for org.hamcrest.collection.IsArray, but I can't tell what the source is or how to find it. A: You can use the exception stack trace (Exception e). The stack trace contains all the call stack, including the original line of code from which the Exception was thrown. Acute and chronic effects of two-portal and one-portal modes of percutaneous nephrolithotomy with a holmium: YAG laser. To compare the efficacy and safety of percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) using the two-portal and one-portal access techniques in stone extraction with a holmium: yttrium aluminum garnet (Ho:YAG) laser. In all, 62 patients who underwent PCNL using either the two-portal (n = 33) or one-portal (n = 29) access technique were included in this study. The stone free rate, operation time, mean laser power, and laser time were assessed. In addition, the postoperative complications were evaluated. The mean stone size, operation time, mean laser power, and laser time in the two-portal group were significantly lower than those in ac619d1d87

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